“It is finished!”  -Jesus Christ, John 19:30

Today, April 18th I woke this morning to an overcast, gloomy morning. I thought how appropriate for today…Good Friday, although 2000 or so years ago, it was not such a good morning for Jesus…the day of His crucifixion. A bittersweet day, today’s gloominess seems appropriate.  Creation is in mourning for what happened so many years ago. Good for us, because it was the day of salvation for those who believe.Good for Jesus, because His purpose had been completed. Horrible in all that was done to Jesus. We take it all so lightly, but dying on a cross is not something to take lightly.  
Isaiah states it well:
“He was wounded for our transgressions;
He was crushed for out iniquities;
upon Him was chastisement that. brought us peace,
and with his stripes we are. Healed.” -Isaiah 53:4-5

I am grateful, ever so grateful for all that Christ has done for me and I don’t wanna nail him d 2nd time…..

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Once again,I have just been recently betrayed by a close friend of mine. To say I am surprised would be a lie, but to say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I hate the sequence of events that proceeds betrayal by anyone, let alone someone considered to be close to me or someone i once confided in. The ache in the pit of your stomach from the initial blow of the let down, the pulsating of your temple as you try to ponder why this is happening and the pacing back and forth across an empty room in attempts to maintain your composure.
Lessons are very painful in life, but personally this one hits harder than most. I am very familiar with fake friends and the very real heart ache that comes each time their true nature is revealed. I know the pains that accompanies the betrayal of a false friend is a sting not like many others. I also know the relief of the removal of such a person from your life is just as great. Sometimes we are unaware of the wolves in sheep clothing that have crept into our houses. We are left to wonder which is worst? : A) That they were wolves from the start or B)or we are just now figuring it out? Either way it hurts.
I am getting better now at acceptance and trusting there is a reason for the way things happen sometimes. We do not always understand why the temporal pain we feel may very well be for long term happiness. God,however, knows everything and I can personally thank him for removing certain people throughout my life I probably would have held on ignorantly forever. If someone has hurt you,lied to you,hindered your progress in life repeatedly, chances are they are wolves too. Forgiveness is necessary, but self sabotage is not. If you are involved with angry,jealous,spiteful people posing as your friends yet acting more like your enemies, begin to take inventory of this types of people in your life and honestly start to remove them accordingly. Pray for strength and follow through,pray for each person as well as you bid them farewell.
Fake friends are real problems to us all. Not many can say they have not experienced one in their life at some point. Despite a few bad apples, the harvest of your relationship will prove to be pie worthy! Don’t be bitter in the betrayal of these people, but allow the experience to make you a bit better each time!

God bless y’all…


Its hard to believe that my graduation is only few months away. Graduation is a quickly approaching reality with a lot of excitement and a sense of accomplishment. At the beginning everything i had to accomplish to graduate seemed overwhelming, but as graduation creeps closer i continuously cross more and more off my list…like my thesis: While there is so much excitement about graduating, it also brings change.

Change can be a scary thing, i have come to realize how comfortable i am in Delta state university and how it slowly became a second home. I have my family and my routine, and now a lot is about to change.

I know i am prepared to make the next step but that doesn’t mean i cant be nervous about it. I am very excited about my life, but some of that excitement is turning into nerves—moving to a new place,my first job,travelling for that job,being financially independent getting married bla bla bla. Its a big change, but its a change everyone goes through.

Change has always scared me, but just like i adjusted and came to love being a student of Delsu, i know i will adjust to this change. I keep reminding myself that all my hard work for the past years has been for this time and this moment i really cant wait to graduate cos this is the moment have been waiting for.


Thanks to everyone who has read my blog over the past 3 months. Thanks especially to those of you who have left comments.

It hasn’t been the easiest year of my life, but it has been one of those pivotal years when things change a lot and I am feeling that slowly things are getting better. Blogging has helped hugely. Starting from asuu strike down to some personal and family issues its bin a tough year though but God has been my source of strength.

I have posted 7 posts since october and hv had many views that I did not expect. I would never have dreamed of getting so many people having a look at my random musings – I am thrilled.

The most popular post COLD DAYS with the highest number of views has always bin my source of inspiration and I hope y’all learnt frm it.

Rest assured I will continue to blog in 2014 – who knows what exciting things there might be to write about! I wanna end my post for the year and I promise never to forgt 2013 because it has bin one of my most challenging year. I just want to say thank you for being the year when I got my big break in breaking open. 2014, I declare you complete! Tanks y’all for bin a part of me and I hope to spend many more christmas with you,God bless u all richly. Merry christmas and a profitable 2014 in advance


I decided to blog about this because i saw pictures of my juniors on facebook.Then i realize that i really really miss my high school days.
I miss those times where stress don’t pile up and i can see my friends everyday.
I know that when you are in school, you cant wait to get out of school but when you’re finally out, u know that school times were the best & you can’t turn back definitely. The only thing you can do is looking back at those pictures, thinking about the fun memories you used to have back then in school and start laughing at how immature you were right?
i would not say i am a totally good obedient girl back then in school and i’m not the bad rebellious either. I am just the ordinary+active+not very smart+not talking+stubborn+breaking little rules student. I know what i am doing and the right thing to do.
i can say i out-powered myself. as in, i used the reason as a house captain to skip class but i know my limits. I know which class is gonna be important and which isn’t
and i don’t know if the teachers actually knew i was lying or the really got conned by me
i think being in school is one of the best time of life anyone can have because its just so irreplaceable and that indicates your growing up process.
I miss all my friends: those who inspired me,those who made a difference in my life,those who made me smile one way or the other,those whom we shared our provisions togeda *chai*and of course those who somehow shaped me for who I am.
If given the chance to be in a room with all of them I would gladly take it*smiles* I miss them dearly, and I don’t get the chance to see most of them anymore. I’ve lost contact with most of them these past years and lest I forget I think its time to pay a visit to my school, but i would say the only teacher whom i am willing to spend time visiting is Mrs Nyang my biology teacher her class is never a boring one and no student likes to miss it. *yaay* miss her so much and I know dat someday we all will meet again just like we have always bin *smiles*
My next blog will definately be about the names of my high school friends and a little bio about them.


Reasons why cars are better than men!
1. A car can take NO for an answer.
2. A car doesn’t leave if you don’t drive it for a while.
3. A car knows you are right and doesn’t argue.
4. If you want to take a slow ride, your car doesn’t care.
5. A car lets you dress it any way you want.
6. A car will never leave you for someone else.
7. You can sell a car and buy another one without any feelings of regret.
8. A car doesn’t care if you tell another person their car looks FINE!
9. When you want a hard ride, you get it.
10. A car always looks like a million bucks! Even if there is a little dirt here and there!
11. A car doesn’t mind if you jump in for a ride then change my mind and jump back out.
12. A car doesn’t care if you take another car for a test drive.
13. Cars aren’t jealous.
14. Cars don’t fight with one another unless you let them (racing).
15. Cars can be turned on and off.
Lolz just a joke oo don’t want y’all to go change your man for cars ooo LMAO


Don’t you just love days when you wake up and your bb light is blinking…and you wonder into thoughts of what the text could be, something along the lines of, “good morning sunshine…did you sleep well?”

So you unlock your phone and it’s 3 personal emails, 2 forwards from your mum, 4 mentions on twitter, 1 text message from your Pastor and 2 bbm messages…

niiiice, 2 bbm messages?

You obviously save the bbm messages and check them last…you work your way slowly through the almost irrelevant messages, just because in your mind, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the excitement is aggravated when it takes longer to get to them.

Now you’re done the mails, forwards, tweets, text and now you attempt to open up your bbm…getting all giddy inside…even though your eyes aren’t completely wide open and you’re still sort of in sleep mode, all your body senses start to awaken in anticipation and hope..

You open up your bbm and two people have sent you messages.
One of the messages is the morning bible verse you get daily from a friend and the other is from another friend who just wanted to say wassup…


You begin to wish you had opened the bbm first and replied that one tweet last. There was no “hello sunshine…” nothin remotely close to icing your cake…just a bunch of messages killing your battery…

Funny how that one (special message, from that “special” someone) text that didn’t come in, suddenly made all other messages seem like they were running your battery down…lol Gud mawning friends hv a blessed day ahead


I once had a much-cherished friend who meant the world to me. The problem was that we were both short-tempered individuals and the word patience was fictional to both of us.

There is a thin line separates right from wrong and when one is blinded by anger; it can be near impossible to see this line.

Invariably, my friend and I kept crossing it and ended up destroying what was one of the most beautiful bonds anybody could ever have.

One day in a fit of anger we said some mean things to each other in front of a lot of people, and that was the end of our relationship. From days of completing each other’s sentences, crying on each other’s shoulders, and growing together as best friends, we are strangers who walk this planet today.

Much has been said about anger, an emotion that most of us experience often. We read about anger, we learn anger management tips, and we know that it is an emotion with the power to destroy, and yet when it comes to our own lives, it’s an altogether different story.

When I replay the way I “reacted” to the whole incident instead of “responding” to it, I think of a hundred different things that I could have done right. I still wonder why I said those things, and in front of so many people.

When we were little kids we used to write with pencils. It was a sign that told us that our mistakes could be corrected. As we grew older we received permanent markers to paint with on the canvas called life. This is because we were expected to take the responsibility of not making irreversible mistakes.

How we manage our anger will decide if there are ugly marks on this canvas.

Anger may be an emotion that we cannot evade, but the truth is that life is much more beautiful when we learn not to succumb to it.

I have always been a short-tempered person. I’ve tried various things to control this, in vain. After having ruined many relationships because of this, I decided it was time to do something about my anger.

I’ve been asking myself “Is it possible to be someone who never gets angry?”  

There was once a saint who felt like having a bottle of beer. He asked his disciples to get him one. When the shocked disciples did as they were told, the saint simply folded his hands and stared at the bottle.

Later, he asked his disciples to take it away. When one of them asked him, “What was it that you did?” the saint told him something that we all need to understand. He said, “I cannot control the feelings, the emotions, or the temptations but I can definitely control my actions.”

As long as I keep my hands folded, there is no way I can grab this bottle of beer, and even though I cannot control my temptations I can control my actions.

While anger is something we cannot control, what we do when we are angry is something that we definitely can control.

Imagine you are working on a beautiful painting and suddenly there is a power outage and it’s pitch dark. Would you continue to make strokes on the painting, hoping that it miraculously became a masterpiece?

In the same way, when you are angry the best thing to do would be nothing at all. Anger is like a power outage for the thinking part of your brain.

These days, when I get really upset I choose not to say anything. I retire to my room for a couple of minutes, listen to some music, or distract myself. I let myself feel the emotion, but I don’t let myself react.

Like the saint, I hold my hands and control my tongue, because if I cannot control anger, I will control myself at least.

The Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

When I look back at the incident with my friend, I feel like a lot could have been different had I not succumbed to my emotions. In the process I have hurt myself more than I have hurt my friend.

So I ask you, the next time you get angry, don’t try to control the anger; instead try to control yourself. With a little practice, it becomes a part of your life and you become a person who never lets anger ruin a valued relationship.


Gave money to a homeless guy in my neighbourhood today, after first ignoring him. He thanked me and blessed me. When we spoke, I saw he had a tattoo across his forehead. I thought it was barbed wire, but as I walked past, I thought it might have been a crown of thorns. Food for thought.


My dad told me that he wanted everyone who loved him to laugh and dance at his funeral. And if not possible, at least to promise him there’d be no tears, sobbing and wailing. That when his soul looked down at his loved ones he didn’t want to see them grieving and sad and to know he was not the cause of their pain. he wanted us to always remember him as someone who made us happy.  Everyone has to die someday, but what’s important is how they lived and how they made you feel. I see every moment spent with my dad as a warm and wonderful memory. I laugh when I remember his funny antics; i feel grateful for his generosity, feel happy when I remember his 1000 watt smile, I feel strong when I recount his fearless spirit and feel warm when I think of his tight hugs. What he did was create a blanket for me of amazing memories to keep me warm on emotionally cold days. I miss him tremendously, but I don’t grieve in his memory.

The only thing you should cry about when you think of someone you love is what was left unfinished, unsaid or undone. The pain of regret is tremendous and unfortunately can never be corrected. So while your loved ones are alive let nothing be unsaid or undone. Take them to that park/restaurant/holiday spot they’ve wanted to visit for months, say “I love you”, and “thank you”, because you want them to hear it and know it, and give them that gift they’ve been hoping for! When they’re gone, you’re going to smile as you cover yourself with the warm blanket of wonderful memories and sleep content knowing that they are smiling from above.


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